Winstrol - description and its application.

Winstrol - description and its application.

Winstrol is a well-known tool among athletes to increase the effectiveness of training. The drug was synthesized in 1962 for medical use, by the well-known Winthrop Laboratories. Initially, the name of the steroid was Stanozolol. Winstrol is distinguished from other drugs by resistance to liver enzymes. After administration, it does not break down and gives maximum effect. After it went on sale, athletes began to legally use it, since it was approved by the FDA.

It is widely used to treat diseases associated with low hemoglobin, as well as in children with growth retardation and development. For a long time, Winstrol was used legally and in sports. It is taken in the course between mass gain in order to improve muscle structure. Thanks to the quick and powerful action, the athlete receives elastic and sculptured muscles. It is the best tool in bodybuilding. Today, the use of any doping is prohibited in many countries of the world, Winstrol is no exception. The International Association monitors and controls doping.

The history of Winstrol

The history of Winstrol.

Stanozolol was first invented in Britain in 1959, its purpose at that time was unknown. A year later, Winthrop Laboratories bought his formula to create a drug based on the substance. The company did not produce the medicine for long, and soon another patent was bought by another American corporation. She quickly brought the drug to American markets.

Until 1970, the steroid was actively used to treat various diseases. The hormone did an excellent job in medicine and sports. In 70, the international organization FDA limited the use of funds. Until 1980, anabolics were actively marketed in the US market, after which they were completely banned. Production ceased, but not stanozolol for another 10 years, it was produced and sold not only in the United States, but also in Europe and Asia.

No matter how much the consumer wants, this hormone ceased to exist at the end of the 20th century. Ovation Pharmaceuticals made all kinds of attempts to legalize the production of the steroid, and she managed to do this, but not for a long period. Now this product is produced by several large concerns. Hormone can be found in the US market, but it does not match quality and safety.

Winstrol is used actively not only in medicine, sports, but also in veterinary medicine. It is used to increase immunity in weakened animals, to strengthen the skeletal system, as well as increase appetite. In the United States, this tool is often used in horse racing to increase the speed and endurance of horses.

Duration of action of Winstrol

Duration of action of Winstrol

Winstrol is available in tablets and injectable form. The effect of both tablets and injections is the same, so there is no significant difference when buying. After absorption, the anabolic binds to androgen receptors and acts at the cellular level. Due to this, it acts on the body quickly and does not cause side effects. Another positive quality is the ability of the steroid to bind to globulin. This allows you to affect the body for a long time and accelerate muscle growth.

During the combined course during weight gain, Winstirol acts on protein compounds. Due to this, a large amount of water is removed from the body, the muscles become elastic and embossed with the drawing of veins. Many people think that at this moment they are getting rid of fat. This is not entirely true, of course, a slight effect on fat accumulation is present, but with the help of the product you will not be able to lose weight. The drug belongs to the safe class, since it does not aromatize, there is no estrogenic activity.

Numerous consumer choices with little experience using anabolic substances fall on the oral form. It is important to know that when using tablets for a long time, problems with the liver can occur.

Recommended Winstrol dosage

Dosage is calculated individually for each person, depending on the situation, sport, weight and purpose. The standard dosage for oral form is 5 mg per day, for injection 50 ml per day. Tablets are effective for 9 hours, and injections for 24 hours.

Most often, professional athletes use a combined application. The best option is 10-25 mg per day, an oral steroid and an additional 50 ml in injections. It has a powerful anabolic effect of 320% to testosterone and only 30% of androgenic activity. For this reason, it is so appreciated among girls who take it at 10 mg per day.

Recommended Winstrol dosage

There are combined courses in muscle building and drying. To achieve the result, you must adhere to the following doses. For beginners, 400 mg of testosterone every day and 50 mg of Winstrol every other day is enough, you can supplement with masteron. The full course consists of 6-8 weeks. Professionals have the opportunity to extend up to 10 weeks. By the end of the course you will be able to gain an impressive amount of muscle without water and subsequent rollback.

During the drying period, completely different doses will be required between muscle-building courses. For 10 weeks, administer 100 mg of testosterone and 400 mg of Winstrol every day. During the drying period, monitor your health to control the dosage.

Dosages of Winstrol for Medical Use

In medicine, a steroid is quite legally taken to treat angioedema, or Quincke's edema. The dosage, as a rule, is calculated by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. Medical dosage of 2 mg per day for 1-3 months. When adjusting the dose, it is necessary to take into account not only the frequency of seizures, but also which organs are affected by the disease. So during seizures involving the respiratory system, carefully consider your health and the body's response to the hormone. This hormone is rarely used in the treatment of children, this can negatively affect their hormonal system and health.

Anabolic Detection

Professional athletes should consider the detection of a substance in the blood. Doping is tightly controlled by international organizations. After the last pill, at least 10 days should pass before the test. After the last injection, at least 2 months. Please note that doping tests are performed using two methods of chromatography-mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Precautions, contraindications when using Winstrol

Precautions, contraindications when using Winstrol

Everyone should take into account that hormone therapy can cause a number of negative consequences, and this depends not only on the steroid, but also on the body as a whole and its reaction to hormonal intervention. Contraindicated in the following circumstances:

  • Hypercalcemia;
  • Prostate cancer
  • Oncology of the mammary gland;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Childhood;

In addition, you need to consider additional factors that will affect well-being and health. These factors include a number of changes and diseases:

  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • High blood cholesterol;
  • Clotting problems;
  • Incorrect liver and kidney function;
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage;

Also, make sure that the drugs you use for treatment are compatible with stanozolol. These include blood thinners, anticoagulants, and insulin. Consult a physician before the course to avoid side effects.

It is not recommended to include the hormone in cycles with several heavy steroids. Most often, its reception is justified during the period of drying and preparation for the competition. If you supplement the already heavy cycle, there is a possibility of heart hypertrophy.

Caution should be taken with hormonal substances. If you are a beginner, you need to consider that stanozolol can cause a number of additional consequences, such as decreased sexual activity, flaccid erection, baldness, and inflammation of the liver. Experts recommend using injections instead of tablets, this is the least toxic form of the drug.

Winstrol side effects

After an overdose of the substance, negative consequences may occur. Before taking the dose, calculate the dosage or visit your doctor to accurately select the safe dose. The first signs of an overdose are the following symptoms:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Swelling of the ankles;
  • Baldness;
  • Acne
  • Virilization in girls;
  • Facial hair growth;

Anabolic has a directed effect. For a long time it was used in the USA as a stimulant for horse racing. Due to the powerful effect after administration, horses increased speed and endurance. After additional studies, experts concluded that the drug can be used with benefit for patients suffering from anemia and bone disease. It was also noted that athletes could succeed after a course of this steroid. He quickly gained popularity among professional athletes. It is safe for humans, does not cause serious side effects.

Winstrol side effects and benefits

Benefits of Winstrol

  • Increased muscle volume without water and kickback;
  • Elimination of problems of fluid accumulation;
  • Elasticity and relief of muscles, drawing veins;
  • Increases the rate of production of blood cells;
  • Saturation of the body with nitrogen;
  • Actively burns fat accumulation;
  • Increases appetite;
  • Increases strength capabilities, stamina, strength;
  • It has a positive effect on bones and joints.

Before use, consult a sports doctor to rule out allergies and side effects. It is better to use an injection form to prevent a negative effect on the liver. Girls appreciate the anabolic for the ability to get rid of fat without consequences for the body.

The drug has an extended spectrum of purpose. Used for more than half a century in medicine and sports. Proven to be effective and safe. Before purchasing, pay attention to the originality. There are a lot of low quality counterfeit products on the market. Counterfeit products cause complications, even death. Each original drug has a confirmation code. On the manufacturer’s website, you can always confirm your company affiliation.

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