What you should know about running for all bodybuilders

What you should know about running for all bodybuilders

Chris Gethin has radically changed his attitude towards cardio in just a few months. If you are sure that he has lost his advantages, you are really wrong. Here's what he has to say about running, and what every bodybuilder should learn from him!

Many athletes think that running and bodybuilding are completely separate activities. If they are doing one, then it is unlikely that they are doing another. They think it might be completely impossible. In fact, they are missing out on huge benefits. On the other hand, a muscular person on the road is like a fish thrown out of the water - he will suffocate as he runs those miles on the road. Here's what Chris Gethin has to say ...

This year I decided to permanently exclude both arguments. In preparation for my first upcoming Ironman triathlon, I continued my bodybuilding workouts. I also continued to achieve the desired results in the bodybuilding field.

Not surprising at all. Like the majority of bodybuilders, my weight is considerably higher than that of the average jogger. Therefore, I had to completely change my training. Here I am going to talk about how to combine running with life in bodybuilding.

Lesson # 1: Muscles won't disappear!

I continue to live, lift weights and only confirm for myself that with an appropriate diet and an additional direction of sports, it is quite possible to get everything you want. Naturally, if you do absolutely nothing, except blockages at work, completely ignore any strength training, and choose a low-protein diet, your muscles will definitely melt. But still, my diet always remains the same: with a significant presence of protein, the presence of carbohydrates (complex), a balanced presence of fat in it. I have become more sensitive about the process of inflammation and the health of my gut, minimizing stress in my body, and improving the healing process. And all this brought its results.

My dietary frequency remains high (6 solid meals a day, including after each workout, and casein supplements just before bed). Solid meal options give me fast-digesting protein with much-needed amino acids (perfect for recovering from all the stress). The latter has a different effect: a set of slow-release amino acids that gradually nourish my muscles throughout the night.

That is, if your nutritional system meets your desired goals, your body is capable of excelling in all kinds of challenges.

Lesson # 2: Running is ideal for gym workouts

Almost all of the bodybuilders I have personally trained with are really strong, but they lack endurance at all. This is mainly manifested in their personal ability to overcome obstacles in increasing intensity. I always strive for this. Running long distances will greatly improve my lung function and the efficient functioning of my heart. I figured it was good for my strength training!

Acceleration in running, as well as cycling, is clearly preferable to quickly return to the next set when using more frequent reps on large parts of the body (legs / back). For example, serious squats are like running a short run.

And after finishing the workout, I began to notice that my recovery from exertion also improved. The heart muscle is now able to easily pump blood into my destroyed muscle fibers, helping to eliminate toxins, as well as such negative lactic acid, providing all the necessary damaged areas with constant nutrients.

Running Makes You Healthy!

Lesson # 3: Running Makes You Healthy!

When you want to live long (and my goal is at least a hundred years), it takes more than just aesthetics. I frequently check my blood and also undergo tests for possible allergens to assess and analyze how my current habits are affecting my health. I am happy to note that my health indicators have improved since the days of frequent running ahead of the upcoming Ironman.

Running has provided measurable benefits to my heart muscle health, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, lung health, even my bowel function. I really focused on this, because my health should always be among my top priorities.

Lesson # 4: Running is right!

The positive results from running are clear to me. But since my weight is 30 kg more than the average runner, I needed to help my body to successfully handle specific loads. To be precise, it was the joints. Therefore, it is not enough just to run, you need to be aware of how to run correctly.

This means that it is worth using the extreme or middle part of the foot when running, instead of stepping on the heels each time, in order to avoid undue stress on the Achilles tendons, knees, and calves. Since my hips are impressively larger than the average guy, they get tired much faster. It is because of this that the focus on the correct load on our legs becomes more significant.

I also put an impressive emphasis on developing the strength capabilities of my hip flexors. This was done so that my legs would point forward when running long distances, rather than bouncing up / down directly onto the ankle. It seems that all runners with well-developed hip flexors will benefit from this. For me personally, this is non-negotiable. I also do most of my races on non-paved roads and choose softer terrain to minimize the effect of stress.

I have a special running technique

But this is only my part of the body below the waist. How the top works has a similar meaning when it comes to work. I exclude intense hand movements. I prefer instead to just rotate the upper and lower body left and right in the next step. To support my body in an upright position, I try to imagine that a ball is spinning around my waist, which will immediately fall if I suddenly deviate in one direction or go forward. As a result, I absolutely cannot allow my posture to be disturbed.

Don't skip the chance to get good health!

Running provides us with such a huge list of benefits. It is an absolute disappointment to me that my fellow hardware does not experience them. Let my experience tell you that running isn't just for weight loss. You can easily become an absolutely versatile athlete who is able to move and even turn his head in the gym. This will stimulate your mind perfectly!