What are over the counter erection pills

Erectile dysfunction in men, lack of genital response or reduced potency - all these are names for the same disorder in the genital area. In about 80% of cases, it is not necessary to take over the counter erection pills to increase potency, since the cause of dysfunction is the presence of another disease: jumps in blood pressure, diabetes, vascular atherosclerosis, high blood cholesterol, etc. Taking strong drugs, bad habits, stress, depression, constant fatigue and lack of sleep can also affect health in general, and the quality of sexual life separately.

Having noticed difficulties in achieving an erection, one should not immediately suspect erectile dysfunction in oneself and immediately start taking drugs that affect only potency. It is possible to diagnose insufficiency of the genital reaction only with a steady trend - if the dysfunction persists for several weeks and months. It is quite possible that men who experience certain difficulties in the sexual sphere need rest, a change in the rhythm of life, getting rid of smoking, any addiction, and reducing stress levels.

What are over the counter erection pills

Conventionally, all drugs can be divided into two types - tablets and other dosage forms that affect the cause of dysfunction, and types of drugs that contribute to a short-term improvement in potency. In the first case, complex treatment is carried out with an influence on the cause of the disorder: taking into account the results of the tests, possible contraindications. A comprehensive treatment is carried out that affects precisely the cause that caused the manifestation of the disorder in sexual life. 

This can be a psychogenic factor, organic causes (diseases) and mixed forms - for example, a chronic illness that caused stress experienced during the recovery period. Elimination of the underlying disorder most often leads to the restoration of the previous quality of sexual life, but rehabilitation after complex operations and diseases is more likely to require medication correction.

Means for a one-time improvement of the genital reaction cannot cure the cause of dysfunction, since such formulations are not medicinal and only lead to a short-term increase in libido and erection.

Over the counter erection pills for the complex treatment

Signs of such a condition in men are a decrease in libido (sexual desire), insufficient genital elasticity (weak erection), accelerated ejaculation. Before prescribing drugs for potency, an examination is carried out: the organic causes of dysfunction are established, and only then, depending on the detected disease, a treatment plan is selected. A conversation with a psychologist will also be useful, since prolonged nervous tension can also lead to a decrease in libido.

Androgens - hormonal drugs: Proviron, Andriol.

Mesterolone, Testosterone - active ingredients, compensate for the lack of testosterone in the body, a means to stimulate libido, influence on erection. Additionally, with testosterone preparations, the mass of proteins in the body increases, which leads to the growth of muscle tissue. The work of the pineal gland is restored (among others, it is responsible for sexual function), the formation of red blood cells is restored (hematopoiesis is normalized).

Prostaglandins - vasodilating, antithrombotic: Edex, Muse, Alprostan, Caverject, Vasostenone, VAP-500, etc.

The active substance of the drugs - Alprostadil, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, expands the cavernous arteries (in the cavernous body of the penis), which stimulates a rapid blood flow in the organ, while reducing venous outflow of blood, resulting in an improved erection. Also, in general, blood circulation, blood oxygen saturation improves, which positively affects the overall sexual tone and the state of the body as a whole. Each drug can be used in a course of up to 3-4 months.

General tonic drugs

Any general tonic, especially of plant origin, influences the central nervous system, improves metabolic processes, endocrine regulation. Against the background of such changes in men, the severity of adaptation of the body to the effects of adverse factors increases. In addition, there is an improvement in working capacity, and signs of rapid fatigue, asthenia are noticeably reduced, excluding excessive nervous excitability.

Tablets, as a rule, are not produced, general tonic preparations are most often produced in the form of tinctures, liquid extracts, less often injection solutions, when it comes to synthetic combined formulations (Dibazol, Bendazol). This group does not directly affect the improvement of potency, but it has a vasodilating, immunostimulating, adaptogenic effect on the body.

Examples of general tonic drugs

Ginseng, Aloe, Fir, Leuzea, Melatonin, Aralia, Pantocrine, Propolis, Rosehip, Rhodiola rosea, Lemongrass, Eleutherococcus, multivitamin complexes, etc.

Over the counter erection pills for one-time improvement of potency

This group of drugs for potency can be used both as an independent, separate remedy, and as an element of combination therapy prescribed by a doctor. In the second case, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations of a specialist, since many pills that improve erection for a short time stimulate blood circulation, which may not be combined with taking other pills that have a vasodilating effect.

The most famous is Viagra - this is the trade name for a large list of pills to improve erection. In addition to Viagra, compounds for improving potency have other names, and in the pharmacy such pills are represented by a wide group, united by one active ingredient - Sildenafil.

In addition, potency regulators include other drugs, also produced under different trade names based on a specific active substance. The safest, in addition to Sildenafil, are Vardenafil and Tadalafil.

Recommendations of doctors to improve potency.

First of all, experts do not recommend choosing erection-regulating pills on their own, since this method is not the only method for treating erectile dysfunction. Any strong drug, stimulant is prescribed only in the absence of any objective cause of sexual dysfunction.

The task of specialists is to restore the functionality of the body so that men do not have to constantly resort to taking various drugs.

First of all, if the quality of sexual life deteriorates, you should make sure that the disorder really has a long-term, and not a one-time, character. At the first symptoms, it is recommended to eliminate any negative factors from habits: reduce the consumption of nicotine, alcohol or get rid of addiction. Any drug that is not necessary for health reasons also impairs erectile function.

It is recommended to pass the first examination:

  • Donate blood for cholesterol
  • Blood lipoprotein analysis
  • Cavernosography
  • Psychologist's consultation

High cholesterol in the blood suggests a change in eating habits, and there will also be a need to increase physical activity. Any pills are always a serious step, and you need to turn to medication formulations only if there are no alternatives. If there are none, and the medications do not bring a noticeable improvement, they resort to surgical intervention - phalloprosthetics. The operation is performed with erectile dysfunction and impotence, which has developed as a result of pathologies of the pelvic organs, surgical intervention.