Testosterone Propionate: Myths and Reality

Testosterone Propionate: Myths and Reality

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Many athletes use anabolic substances in the struggle for primacy. The pharmacological market offers the buyer several types of steroids. They all differ in impact and price. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for beginners to choose an effective tool and get the maximum effect from it. Testosterone propionate is one of the most popular drugs in sports and among amateurs. This universal steroid is used regardless of the sport and stage of preparation. The main advantage of this tool is the low concentration of water in the tissues during use.

Testosterone propionate - has a milder effect and a minimum of side effects. For this reason, athletes can use it in any period of preparation, this is both a set of muscles and drying before the competition. Steroids have long been entrenched in the lives of athletes, even numerous prohibitions did not affect their popularity. This is not surprising in order to overcome such loads the body must receive doping. Few ordinary people think that professional athletes spend most of their lives in training, and each year they should increase their performance.

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone effects

Taking testosterone will quickly increase physical ability to gain strength and endurance. At the same time, during the period of use, high-quality muscle growth occurs. To get all the positive qualities of using a steroid, you need to correctly calculate the dosage and take into account all the nuances. If an athlete uses an injectable form of the drug, he will be able to achieve results faster. After the injection, the active substance is rapidly absorbed into the blood, increasing hormonal levels. The athlete feels a surge of strength and energy without side effects for the body. It is important to know that this tool has a powerful anabolic and androgenic index. The effect of testosterone propionate can be either positive or negative if anabolic is not used according to the rules:

  • Muscle growth in large volumes;
  • Increase in power and speed capabilities;
  • Prevention of catabolism;
  • Endurance, performance;
  • Strengthening the skeleton;
  • Increased sexual activity;
  • Good mood;
  • Fast metabolism;
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat;
  • Elasticity and muscle relief;
  • Suppression of fatigue, reduction of pain during classes;
  • Rapid recovery between workouts;
  • Improving concentration.

Test Actions

During the course of the course there is aromatization. If you do not take additional antiestrogens, negative consequences such as gynecomastia and high blood pressure may occur. To build muscle and avoid side effects, you need to control your hormonal background, and also after 2 weeks start taking Clomid or Tamoxifen. Safety is the most important thing for every athlete’s future career. Many beginners try to achieve maximum muscle size in a short period of time, relying on the experience and external data of professionals. Most often, this leads to a number of irreversible consequences and disappointment.

Propionate is suitable only for men, it causes virilization in girls, for them there are a lot of milder means. Before buying, pay attention to quality, only the original pharmacy can bring positive success. Beware of fakes, there are a lot of fake low-quality products on the market. Before ordering, pay attention to the presence of a hologram on the package, as well as a special code. Leading pharmaceutical companies protect their products in this way.

History of Testosterone Propionate

History of Testosterone Propionate

By the 40s of the last century, the first drug entered the market and until 1960 was used in medicine. With its help, the level of natural hormone in the blood was increased to enhance erection and libido, and was also used to quickly regenerate tissues after serious injuries and burns. Testosterone propionate was first synthesized in 1935. When creating the substance, scientists sought to achieve a universal hormonal drug for the treatment of various diseases. Thanks to additional research, it became known about the additional properties of the hormone. Propionate began to be actively used to gain muscle and improve muscle relief. Applied immediately before the competition to get advantages over opponents. For a long time, this substance was the only dope that was actively used throughout the world.

Testosterone Propionate: Myths About It

Each organism has individual characteristics and few will argue with this. If for some people the steroid has become an indispensable assistant in sports, for others it may be a real evil, as many beginners think. During the existence of this drug, and this is more than half a century, positive and negative rumors about testosterone propionate have formed. The main myths are the following opinions:

  • Muscle sagging after the course;
  • Decreased erection, impotence;
  • Infertility;
  • Long recovery;
  • Uselessness of use.

Testosterone Propionate: Myths About It

Unverified information gives rise to a lot of negative rumors and even horror stories. Beginners begin to bypass the anabolic steroids, preferring expensive modern drugs, which can not be said about professionals who know a lot about hormones. Of course, there is such an effect as sagging muscles, but it occurs not only during anabolic therapy, but also in sports practice without steroids. Such a process is possible if the athlete has been training for a long time and quickly stops his career for one reason or another. You can also argue with the statement about impotence.

On the course, the body ceases to produce its own testosterone, as it gets it from injection. At the end of the course during the recovery period, interruptions with an erection are observed, but this is a temporary phenomenon, if you take antiestrogens, you can avoid such consequences. As for infertility, a disease of this type can occur precisely because of a lack of male hormone. Follow the advice of a specialist or sports doctor to get the right result and benefit from anabolic therapy.

How to take testosterone propionate safely

This testosterone ester can be effectively used both for medical purposes and in sports to develop physical fitness and improve results. It is mainly used by male athletes, both experienced athletes and even professionals, as well as beginners. The purpose of the application depends on the host and may be different, because this testosterone ester has multiple pronounced effects.

The use of testosterone propionate usually takes place at a dosage of about 100 mg every other day. The indicated frequency of administration (b / d) is considered optimal and is associated with a not very long period of steroid activity after injection. Injections depending on the drug can be somewhat painful, local reactions, as a rule, are not observed.

It is important to add that the dosage of testosterone propionate higher than the recommended one is not recommended for most of those who use it, since it is associated with an increased risk of side effects.

The course of taking Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate for sports purposes is more likely to be used in combination with other AAS than in solo. This testosterone ester goes well with steroids that are diverse in properties and action, from stanozolol to trenbolone. The choice of combinations for use is individual and depends on various factors, in particular on the goals and experience of the athlete.

The course of application of this steroid and chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Turinabol drug or an analogue), for example, can be chosen by beginners and experienced athletes to achieve an increase in strength and quality muscle growth. Approximate dosages are as follows: about 40 mg of turik per day and in the region of 100 mg of propionate every other day. In post-cycle therapy, clomiphene or tamoxifen is used.

In turn, the testosterone propionate + stanozolol course is a possible choice for obtaining high-quality muscles and even for drying.

Stanozolol has effects such as fat burning and removing excess fluid from the body, so in combination with propionate can give good results for athletes seeking high-quality muscles.

To get an individual consultation, ask your questions to our experts. You can do this directly at the Forum in specially created topics for beginners, and not only where recommendations are given by experienced consultants.

Buying Testosterone Propionate in Canada

Buying Testosterone Propionate in Canada

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