Steroid disclaimer: gradual system of body cleaning

Steroid disclaimer: gradual system of body cleaning

If an athlete uses steroids for a long time on an ongoing basis, his body undergoes changes. The fact is that all vital systems begin to receive recharge, which, as a result, becomes increasingly difficult to refuse. The longer a person is addicted to steroids, the more time he will have to devote to giving up them. It is important to understand that in the period immediately after refusal. Of course, it will be difficult for the body to rebuild and function correctly on its own. It will need your help, based on several important principles.

No rush

The fundamental principle of a properly built system of steroid withdrawal is gradualism. The slower the transition process, the less stress the body will receive. The usual daily dose of the drug should be reduced evenly, every week. The optimal time for which it is better to "stretch" the rejection of steroids is considered to be from 1 to 1.5 months, as long as possible. First try to focus on stopping the most powerful drugs. Then - reduce the consumption of tablets and drugs for intramuscular injections.

Exit the steroids loop correctly

In the case when a person "sits" on a certain cycle of taking steroids, he needs to get out of it correctly. Otherwise, the risk of ruining your hormonal system is too high and at the same time noticeably losing weight. Therefore, it is better to follow a scheme in which:

  • first, there is a decrease in the dosage of highly androgenic compounds within one month after taking steroids;
  • when heavy steroids are over, you can switch to more gentle, low androgenic drugs;
  • the next month should be dedicated to the gradual abandonment of gentle drugs. Simultaneously with the start of taking hardening compounds;

The process of completing the cycle is long, requiring a lot of concentration and patience. But it is better to devote enough time to this issue than to get health problems in the future.

Take sports supplements

Take sports supplements

During the period when you are on a steroid quit program, sports nutrition will be a great help for making a smooth transition. In order to reduce the stress level in which the body will inevitably be, you will need:

- Whey Protein

Since the goal is to maintain muscle mass, it is better to increase the amount of daily protein intake to 4 g / 1 kg of body weight. In this situation, give preference to whey protein, the additional effect of which will be much needed during the period of rejection of steroids to strengthen the immune system.

- L-glutamine

Glutamine will help stimulate the production of growth hormone. It should be taken on a reduced dosage regimen, 2 grams per day is enough.

- antioxidants

In order for the body to cope with the free radicals released during the rejection of steroids, you will need to take a complex of antioxidants. Moreover, this is relevant both during the very withdrawal from steroids. And during the rehabilitation period at the end of the refusal program.

Change your diet and exercise program

Life without steroids is a completely new stage for an athlete. So you will have to rebuild the usual training process and nutrition system in a new way. You need to reduce the effect of slowing down metabolic processes. It is better to reduce the amount of calories consumed per day by about 30% of the usual norm. Also you need to include in the diet more foods containing protein

It is also better to reduce the intensity and frequency of training. During the period of cessation of steroids, the body will need too much strength to recover from frequent and prolonged sports activities. You should not strain it so much.

Remember that if the period of taking steroids has lasted more than 5 years, most likely you cannot do without the help of an endocrinologist. It will help to properly "get out" of addiction, as well as reduce the harm that the refusal process will cause to the body to a minimum.