Protein instead of food

Protein instead of food

"Protein can replace a complex meal," many nutritionists, trainers and nutritionists argue. This food format is fast and convenient, ideal for active people. Also, protein is very nutritious and reflects well on the figure. Proteins shakes and vitamin supplements come in a wide variety of flavors and are easy to prepare, but are they really healthy and effective? Is it really possible to stop cooking regular food?

What is protein and why it is believed that it can replace food

Proteins is a special protein composition that is used to lose weight, supplement the diet of athletes and replenish protein reserves in people with protein deficiencies. Most often, this compound is sold in powder form, with which special cocktails are prepared.

Protein is used for weight loss and drying purposes. It is believed to be a food substitute because it suppresses hunger. In fact, proteins can increase the amount of protein in the human body and allows you to stop in time - without overeating, but without a well-designed menu that will take into account all the nuances of a healthy diet, this food supplement will not help.

What is the benefit?

Protein has a beneficial composition. It stands out from other dietary supplements due to several factors:

  1. High concentration of protein.
  2. Low amount of calories.
  3. There are many different tastes.
  4. The cocktail is easy to prepare, just a few minutes, so it is especially convenient for those who are always in a hurry.
  5. Saturation occurs quickly and does not leave a person for a long time.


Protein shakes have their own contraindications. Since this formulation contains a high concentration of protein, it should be taken with caution. Protein can harm the body if it causes a surplus of protein compounds in the human body. This can lead to a number of negative consequences:

  1. The load on the kidneys will increase. They may not be able to handle protein processing. As a result, you will have to take long medication or go to the hospital.
  2. An imbalance of trace elements. May cause swelling, drowsiness, irritability and general discomfort.

People with diabetes, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases should only consume protein after consulting a doctor. Also, this supplement should not be taken:

  1. Above the norm, which is indicated in the instructions.
  2. Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  3. Children.
  4. People who have chronic kidney disease.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - what meal can you replace with protein?

If you still want to completely replace one of their meals with protein, then it is better to choose breakfast. Lunch and dinner should be complete. Protein shakes are called a food supplement for a reason. They should serve as a harmonious addition to an overall balanced diet. However, they can help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just start eating smarter. When replacing any of the meals with a protein shake, it is important to remember a few important rules:

  1. Protein is good for humans in small amounts. Therefore, it is best not to overdo it with supplements.
  2. If cocktails are used in order to get a beautiful muscle relief or lose a few pounds, you need to drink them regularly. Otherwise, the body cannot properly absorb proteins.
  3. You can not deny yourself regular food. Proteins should be combined with tasty and healthy meals.

How to take protein to lose weight

For weight loss, you cannot use a pure proteins shake. This supplement is built on a single component. This type of diet is always bad for the human body. In order for proteins to help in losing weight, it is important not to replace food intake with this supplement, but to ensure that the body receives other nutrients and vitamins. There are also several other useful rules for losing weight on proteins shakes:

  1. Supplement should be substituted for 1 meal per day or a snack in between. The rest of the time you need to eat proteins food, as well as monitor the amount of vitamins and minerals.
  2. For every kilogram of weight, a person should consume 1.5-2 grams of proteins. Part of the norm is consumed with regular food, and the remaining percentage is replenished with proteins.
  3. All additional carbohydrates should be excluded from the diet: sweets, sugar, pastries and other desserts.
  4. It is recommended to drink a proteins drink two hours before sports training. Thus, the proteins are completely absorbed.

To achieve the result, it is enough to combine proteins shakes and complete proteins foods. Proteins only adjusts the diet, but it cannot be its basis. Therefore, it is important to start drinking cocktails deliberately and carefully.