Is protein important for muscle growth?

Is protein important for muscle growth?

This article is dedicated to those people who really want to build big muscles. And since Everywhere they write that the most important thing for muscle growth is to take in as much protein (protein) as possible, then usually the question arises:

How to take protein so that muscles grow?

For those who do not want to wait and want to get an answer right away, I will say: protein (or protein, which is the same) is taken during the day at each meal. In this case, the dosage is especially important: 2 or more grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight should be consumed per day.

Those. a person weighing 80 kg should take about 160 grams. protein (protein) per day. For those who are ready to read the article to the end, let me tell you - not everything is so simple.

How to take protein?

Now let's move on to some very important information, without which, most likely, all attempts to build large muscles are doomed to failure.

The most important thing for muscle growth is steroid hormones.

  1. You can consume a huge amount of protein per day in the form of supplements to the diet, or the same amount of protein from natural products, but the muscles will not grow. This is due to the fact that the main prerequisite for muscle growth is not the amount of protein eaten, but the amount of steroid hormones in the muscles. The more testosterone and somatotropin in the body, the more the muscles undergoing stress will add in volume. This is an axiom. Hormones come first, then everything else.
  2. 100% of bodybuilders have pumped muscle with steroid hormone injections. This is also an axiom. Whoever says anything. Huge Muscle = Anabolic Steroids.
  3. Ordinary people (not using anabolic steroids) may well build great muscles, but for this you need to achieve, first of all, the release of your own hormones into the bloodstream. In this case, it is quite possible to achieve amazing results that a particular organism is capable of in a natural way.

Release of hormones at each workout

  1. If you manage to achieve the release of hormones at each workout, then it becomes mandatory to supply the body with a sufficient amount of protein. Hormones start the process of building new myofibrils - the contractile elements of muscle fibers. This is a lengthy process. First, a matrix of what should be built is formed, as it were. And hormones are extremely necessary at this stage. Without them, the matrix will not be formed. But as soon as the body has received the task of building new structures. It becomes necessary to increase the natural rate of protein supplied with food. It is after training that you need to constantly supply the body with protein from natural products or protein supplements. So that the process of new construction will be completed safely.
  2. For an ordinary person, 1 gram is enough. protein per kg of lean body mass (no fat) per day. This amount is sufficient for the regular renewal of body cells.
  3. When we try to speed up the synthesis processes (and muscle building is synthesis), then more protein is needed. It is recommended to consume 2 or more grams. protein per 1 kg of body weight per day.
  4. It is necessary to distribute all the consumed proteins throughout the day. Even eating proteins foods at night, we do not run the risk of gaining excess weight. Because amino acids are only used in exceptional cases by the body for energy purposes. Therefore, proteins are not involved in the formation of adipose tissue.

Protein Supplements?

  1. However, we are accustomed to the fact that proteins is understood as special concentrated protein supplements. Those, in fact, proteins is a concentrated that is very convenient to take. It is enough to dilute a certain amount of protein with water or milk, stir, and it will look like we ate 200-300 grams beef. It is up to everyone to decide whether or not to take proteins.
  2. Usually, the indication for the use of proteins supplements is the inability to gain the required amount of protein per day from regular food.
  3. 30-40 gr. proteins per meal. It is believed that it is optimal to consume such an amount of proteins food to get 30-40 grams pure proteins at a time. 10. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates play an important role in building muscle.

Carbohydrates provide the body with energy, without which there can be no muscle growth. That is why professional bodybuilders consume up to 500-600 grams or more. carbohydrates per day. Of course, average gym goers don't need to eat that many carbs a day. But nevertheless, there should be a lot of carbohydrates in the diet. You need to experiment with their number so as not to exceed the optimal dosage. Otherwise, rapid growth of adipose tissue is possible.