Pharmaceutical drugs in bodybuilding

Pharmaceutical drugs in bodybuilding

Strength sports and pharmacology are very closely related. Any professional bodybuilder will tell you that sooner or later there comes a period in training when the body needs additional stimulus to continue growing. In addition, taking special medications allows people who are not genetically predisposed to rapid weight gain to achieve significant results in sports. Among the existing pharmaceutical drugs that can affect the effectiveness of training, there are such groups as:

  • stimulants and drugs of general action;
  • anabolic steroids;
  • recovery complexes.

Stimulants and vitamins drugs

The group of stimulants includes well-known vitamin complexes sold in any pharmacy. These are drugs such as caffeine, taurine and some types of medicinal plants, for example, Eleutherococcus. These drugs help to increase the level of hormones responsible for the body's performance. As for vitamins and minerals, the body's need for them during the period of increased physical exertion increases enormously.

There are also more effective drugs that stimulate the body to physical activity, but some of them are prohibited for use, as they have a number of strong side effects. The best option to increase the intensity of your workout by reducing the feeling of fatigue is to take specialized energy drinks sold in sports nutrition stores.

Anabolics and steroids drugs

This group includes metabolic complexes, protein mixtures and independent drugs. The most effective means for gaining muscle mass are: whey or egg protein, amino acid complexes (BCAA, L-carnitine, arginine, etc.). These supplements accelerate the growth of muscle mass by participating in metabolic processes as the main reaction components. The use of anabolic complexes is advisable during the period of active training, as well as, if desired, to quickly build muscle mass.

A radical way to gain weight is to take steroid drugs, such as: Anadrol, Retabolin, Turinabol and others. The action of steroids is based on increasing the intensity of the work of certain parts of the endocrine system responsible for the synthesis of protein material. That is, anabolic steroids accelerate natural processes by stimulating certain centers. These drugs are more effective than natural anabolic complexes, but they have a number of side effects that must be taken into account before taking them.

Recovery complexes

The loss of energy and pain after training can cause a drop in training effectiveness. And the lack of some chemical compounds, the supply of which is depleted under the action of stress, can lead to a slowdown in the process of muscle growth. Acceptance of appropriate supplements containing consumable components contributes to the rapid recovery of the body and the regeneration of muscle fibers. The most effective and safest tonic and restorative agent is creatine.

Rules for taking pharmaceutical drugs when playing sports

When deciding to introduce sports supplements into your daily diet or use stronger pharmacological drugs, do not forget about precautions. The following recommendations may also be useful for athletes:

  • it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of drugs when they are taken simultaneously;
  • strictly follow the requirements prescribed in the instructions for the drug, in particular the optimal and maximum dosage;
  • exclude the use of prohibited and dangerous drugs;
  • remember that some types of stimulants can be addictive. As a rule, such drugs are listed as prohibited.

Great results in training are achieved by an athlete who exercises comprehensive control of the diet. Avoids taking harmful and prohibited drugs and strictly follows the recommendations of the coach.