Muscles Growth Conditions

Muscles Growth Conditions

Whoever you are, a green beginner or an Olympia champion, you live in bodybuilding according to the same rules. They enshrined the fundamental foundations of training, nutrition and recovery, which determine the extreme growth of muscles. They are plagued by decades of hard training practice, incorporating both brilliant victories and crushing failures. Follow the proven methodological principles exactly and you are guaranteed victory!


Regular stretching accelerates muscle growth. Science has found a solution recently. It turns out that at the time of stretching, the muscle cell draws protein from the intercellular fluid due to the effect of vacuumization. Yogis eat only rice, and therefore remain thin. A high-protein diet will lead to the opposite result.

How to use: At the end of the workout, intensively stretch the working muscles for 15-25 minutes.

Muscle Growth Motivation

Muscles Growth Motivation

Under the influence of heavy training, mental tone inevitably falls.

Thinking becomes dull, drowsiness develops, memory worsens ... Moreover, neither coffee, nor special "energies" help.

Where does the desire to train come from? Scientists say that the mental uniformity of strength exercises is to blame. Agree, a team battle on a football field is much more fun than a monotonous repetition of the same movements in a closed room. Nevertheless, there is a way out. Change your training programs more often!

How to use: Train cyclically! Every 2-2.5 weeks, radically change the nature of the training.

Base for muscles growth

Remember, you, the bodybuilder, have only three main exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. They are followed by pull-ups, heavy traction for the back muscles and bench / standing presses. All other exercises are optional. They practically do not add muscle mass.

Output? Only the training program that is built on the foundation of a limited number of basic movements will give a return. Failures in bodybuilding are always explained by only one reason: the amateur does the wrong exercises.

How to use: Focus on squats, bench presses and a deadlift. Persistently increase working weights. All three exercises have a critical power threshold, beyond which they quickly begin to increase their total muscle mass. For the bench press, this is an indicator of 125-130 kg, in squats - 130-150 kg, for the deadlift - 150-180 kg.

Base for muscle growth

Muscles Growth: Intervals

If you need to lose weight, do not buy into conversations about the usefulness of jogging. Long cardio sessions at a moderate pace cause the outflow of blood to the legs and for a long time leave the blood of the upper half of the body without blood (and nutrients!). As a result, it begins to collapse. This is precisely the reason for the well-known “aridity” of the upper body of marathon runners.

To prevent this from happening, use interval-cardio. This is the name for a special type of aerobics when you alternate between fast running and restoring walking in a 1: 3 ratio. For example, you rush along the stadium track for exactly 20 seconds, then go for 1 minute, restoring your breathing, and then go back into the sprint ...

Sprinting involves the entire musculature of the body, including the arms. It does not threaten the destruction of muscles, but it burns much more calories. As comparative experiments have shown, “intervals” burn fat much faster than traditional aerobics.

How to use: At the end of the strength training, do interval cardio for 15-20 minutes.

Muscles growth and balance

Bodybuilder does all fundamental exercises while standing. This means that its working weights are directly dependent on the strength of the rack. What is the main thing here? Low position of the center of gravity of the body! This means that you must have powerful columnar legs. While this is not, any exercise will be doubly difficult for you.

In fact, because with skinny legs, your center of gravity is high and threatens the body to tip over. It is useful not only to fanatically swing legs, but also to do special exercises that improve the ability to stand firmly on your feet: body turns, side tilts, diagonal tilts, etc.

How to use: If your legs lack muscle mass, swing your legs over the course of a year and a half. Leave other tasks for the future. At the same time, firmly swing the waist muscle corset.

Muscle growth and balance

What to expect?

The more you train, the better? No, if you swing for a long time, then you use relatively small weights. Meanwhile, success in pumping muscle mass determines the size of your working weights. The larger they are, the faster the muscles grow.

Training with critical weights is objectively short. So, in bodybuilding, the rule is short-lived, but extremely intense training.

How to use: Train no more than 30-45 minutes. Long training is akin to marathon running and only destroys muscles.

It's simple!

High intensity has a simple secret: an hour and a half before training, have a light meal that includes both proteins and carbohydrates. Food will increase blood sugar, which affects brain activity and, as a result, high mental tone. Right on the eve of your workout, you should take some whey protein and a nitric oxide donor. The donor will expand the blood vessels and thereby help cerebral circulation. Despite fatigue, thinking will stay alive and sharp longer.

How to use: An hour and a half before training, take a cup of home-made cottage cheese, eat a banana or a big apple. 30 minutes before training, drink a whey shake in water (40 g of whey) and take a nitric oxide donor according to the instructions.

You need to know how to relax!

Training is a stressful way of acting on muscles. Like any stress, strength training triggers a cascade of hormonal responses. The body, in particular, begins to secrete anabolic hormones in large quantities. They make the muscles grow during the recovery period.

Thus, the rest period between workouts is a key factor in the training process. If you want to achieve extreme muscle volume, you should make every effort to restore it as efficiently as possible.

How to use: During the recovery period, by all means avoid nervous and physical stresses. Try to get enough sleep, take high-calorie foods, spend more time in the fresh air.

You need to know how to relax!

Help of nature

An unbearable burning sensation in the finale of a multi-repeat set causes lactic acid. It is a byproduct of muscle contraction. Excess of such acid negatively affects the acid-base balance of the body. Blood acidifies, and vital enzymes, accustomed to working only in a natural weakly alkaline environment, refuse to work.

As a result, many anabolic reactions are frustrated, and the muscles stop growing. This is how excessive enthusiasm leads to the opposite result - a dull stagnation of effectiveness. A high-protein diet also makes a negative contribution. It shifts the acid-base balance towards acidification.

The best means of prevention is the presence in the diet of vegetables and fruits. They successfully fight against acidification of the body. Eat vegetable salads and fruits daily.

How to use: At least 2-3 times a day, prepare yourself vegetable salads. Add at least one fruit to each meal.

Energy and muscle growth

Protein is important to the bodybuilder, but carbohydrates are even more important. After all, they are the main source of energy for our muscles. If there is not enough carbohydrates in the menu, the intensity of training suffers. A bodybuilder needs to know that carbohydrates are different and take only the “right” carbohydrate foods.

You need the so-called “Slow” carbohydrates, unlike “fast” ones. The former are digested slowly and for many hours serve as a reliable and stable source of energy. Others are absorbed almost instantly, but after the energy “flash” comes relaxation and drowsiness.

How to use: Serve chicken, meat and fish dishes with wild rice, boiled potatoes, cereals and vegetables. "Fast" carbohydrates in the form of white muffin and weaknesses take immediately after training.

Energy and muscles growth

More water!

At least 80% of your body weight is in water. During training, you lose a lot of fluid with sweat. In addition, a high protein content in the diet results in an unusually high consumption of water for digestive needs.

If you do not start drinking water beyond normal, you may well develop latent dehydration. This is a dangerous condition that leads to heart disease, because it is forced to overstrain, pumping thick and viscous blood.

In addition, chronic fluid deficiency in the body causes a drop in physical strength. Your working weights are reduced and training returns zero. Particularly “dangerous” energy with caffeine. It enhances the work of the kidneys and, as a result, the removal of fluid from the body.

How to use: During a period of intense training, drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day.

More protein for muscle growth!

Contrary to the well-known misconception, natural protein does not overload our kidneys and does not poison the body with digestive toxins. This only happens if you abuse protein powder concentrate. As for natural protein, it is completely safe.

Take at least 2 g of protein per kilogram of your weight during periods of high-intensity training. If you want to lose weight and reduce the intake of carbohydrates, then the protein norm should be raised to 4-6 g per kilogram of body weight.

How to use: Each meal should contain natural protein in the form of chicken eggs, beef, chicken, cottage cheese or fish. Before and after training, take a protein shake of 40-60 g of whey protein.

More water and proteins for muscles growth

You need the fats!

Most of the anabolic hormones, including testosterone, our body synthesizes from fats, in particular, from "bad" cholesterol. So you can’t do without fats in your diet. Moreover, fats are the main energy "fuel" of the body during periods of physical rest. If you do not take fats at all, then during the recovery period you will deprive your muscles of energy.

As a result, the anabolic reactions in them will die, and muscle growth will stop. Another thing is that not all fats are equally useful to the athlete. You should limit the intake of animal fats by focusing on vegetable fats such as olive, peanut, and linseed oil.

Very useful to the bodybuilder fish oil. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are used up for energy and are not stored under the skin. In addition, omega 3 fats stimulate fat metabolism in the body. As a result, under the influence of strength training and aerobics, subcutaneous fat “burns out” more readily.

How to use: Eat more nuts, fish, water salads with extra virgin olive oil.

You need the fats for muscles growth

Caution! Powder!

Do not abuse protein powder. It has a high biological activity, i.e. willingness to engage in active reactions with blood components, but this does not always benefit the body. In particular, protein powder is guaranteed to lower testosterone levels in the blood.

In order not to harm yourself, take protein in powder only twice a day: before and after training. During the recovery period, you should take protein powder only early in the morning to quickly end night catabolism.

The intake of protein concentrate before and after training “dampens” the stress reactions generated by heavy strength exercises, and therefore has a truly magical effect: muscle growth is accelerated. At other times of the day, protein powder does not exhibit a similar effect and is, in fact, useless.

If you are naturally thin, you should also take casein protein before bedtime. It will have a well-known effect: it neutralizes the stress hormone cortisol, which in thin people is released at night in excess.

How to use: Half an hour before training, take 40 g of whey protein, after training, mix 40-60 g of serum with 15-20 g of casein.

Count it!

If you get exactly as many calories from food as you spend in training, your muscles will not grow. A bodybuilder needs obviously more calories. Experience has shown that muscle growth begins with 40 calories per kilogram of body weight.

Many amateurs do not even bother to calculate the calorie content of their menu, and then complain that bodybuilding, they say, does not “work”. In addition, it is fundamentally important to get calories from the “right” sources.

The basis of the power athlete’s diet is natural protein and “slow” carbohydrates. The most high-calorie product, food sugar, on the contrary, is banned.

How to use: For your muscles to grow confidently, take 40-60 calories per kilogram of body weight.

Help yourself for muscles growth!

Help yourself for muscles growth!

Modern foods are poor in vitamins. In addition, the change of seasons for a long time deprives us of the main source of vitamins - fresh vegetables and fruits. In order not to become a victim of latent vitamin deficiency, take multivitamin complexes in tablets. Antioxidant vitamins are especially important.

Strength training gives rise to a myriad of harmful free radicals in the body of an athlete. They interfere with muscle growth and can cause many diseases.