Is it possible to destroy fat in the certain place?

Is it possible to destroy fat in the certain place?

Perhaps this is the most frequent question of a beginner who wants to lose weight. He sees the problem area and begins to work hard on it. For example, a lot and often pump the press in the hope of getting rid of fat. Does this approach work? Let's figure it out!

Everyone who wants to lose weight should know two aspects of improving body shape associated with training. Muscles can grow in a specific area of ​​the body. Fat can NOT disappear from a specific area of ​​the body! Please remember this once and for all.

Muscles can be increased locally

If you want to increase muscle in a specific place, you need to perform exercises that work out this particular area. You can not swing your legs and raise your hands in this way. In order to increase a specific zone, it is necessary to work on this zone.

Fat cannot be removed locally.

Unlike muscles, fat is completely different. Exercises that work out certain areas on the body do not affect the amount of fat. From this point of view, it is pointless to swing the press a hundred times a day in order to get rid of belly fat. Whoever says anything!

In the body, bureaucracy flourishes. Muscles do not give a direct command to fat to burn and melt at the place of their work. They do not directly manage this process. If muscles need energy (and fat is just unspent energy that needs to be spent on something), the muscles send an official request to a higher authority - to the central nervous system. The central nervous system, having considered the request for a lack of energy, determines the hormones responsible for the execution. In it's turn, hormones enter the bloodstream and spread with blood throughout the body and act on all fat cells.

Hormones and lipolysis

Hormones simply remove fatty acids from the cell into the bloodstream. Lipolysis simply means that the fatty acids stored in fat cells are broken down and released into the blood. The fact is that fat extracted from the fat cell does not mean that it “burned out”!

The fat that enters the bloodstream combines with blood proteins, spreads with the bloodstream throughout the body and is used where energy is needed. That is, this "free" fat needs to be spent. If there is no energy deficiency in the body, it will again return to fat cells (and this is the best option, otherwise the vessels will suffer and there will be a risk of atherosclerosis).

What hormones are responsible for mobilizing fat in the blood from the cell? These hormones are called catabolic, and each of them has its own role: adrenaline, norepinephrine, cortisol, growth hormone (human growth hormone, thyroid hormones, glucagon).

Problem areas

Problem zones are not in vain called that. Fat leaves more or less evenly from everywhere, but from the problem areas - more slowly. Firstly, simply because it is more there. Secondly, there is very poor microcirculation in problem areas, that is, there are few roads along which hormones will come and fat will leave. Thirdly, because the fat cells in these areas resist fat loss. On the surface of their membranes there are many receptors responsible for the deposition of fat (lipogenesis), and much less for its breakdown (lipolysis).

How to lose weight?

If you want to burn excess fat, do the following things:

1. Eat less.

Find out your calorie intake (you can do this yourself using online calculators, special formulas, or contact a qualified trainer or dietitian who will calculate this rate for you) for weight loss, and stick to this diet at least month to see the first results.

2. Eat correctly

Provide the body with enough protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and whole grains.

3. Do strength training

Engaged in strength training, you keep your muscles on a diet, and most of the lost weight will be from fat, and not due to loss of muscle mass. Losing weight at the expense of muscles - how to heat the stove with money: you can, but better not.

Choose exercises in which as many muscles as possible work. Do not work your arms, belly, side or breeches in isolation on training apparatus - this wouldn`t help you lose weight in these places and not at all energy-intensive. Perhaps you will even increase volumes in this zone due to muscle growth under a layer of subcutaneous fat that has not disappeared. Again: if you don’t know how, don’t know, consult a competent trainer! So you will not waste your time, money, and maintain health.


- You can’t lose weight locally by pumping the muscle under the fat, they do not communicate with each other, the muscle does not control the fat.

- The mobilization of fat from the cell into the bloodstream is done by hormones.

- The fat extracted from the cell is not yet burnt. To burn fat, you need to not only get it, but also spend it on something.

- The best workouts for fat burning - weight training for the whole body. The best exercises for fat burning are complex.

- Fat goes from everywhere and it is impossible to influence it. He leaves the problem areas last.