How to inject the growth hormone?

How to inject the growth hormone?

How to inject the growth hormone: where and at what time (+ dosage and detailed instructions)

Growth hormone (growth hormone) has long been used by athletes as a means of gaining muscle and burning excess fat (drying). Unlike steroids, after a course of such a drug, the volumes of the increased muscles remain. Growth hormone is injected in courses, doses and route of administration depend on the purpose. Let's take a closer look at when and how much to put a drug with growth hormone to accelerate muscle growth and burn fat.

What dosages of growth hormone are safe

The daily dose is divided into several parts, since growth hormone has a short-term effect. After administration, the effect lasts for 4 hours. Recommended doses:

  1. Dosage of growth hormone for men - 5-10 iu (international units).
  2. The dosage of growth hormone for women is 2 times lower than for men. On average, 4-5 iu per day is required: 2-3 iu in the morning and evening. This is the optimal dosage that should not be exceeded.

It is better to start with small doses and increase them gradually according to the following scheme:

  1. First month - 4 iu: 2 iu morning and evening.
  2. 5 and 6 weeks - 5 iu (2.5 iu in the morning and in the evening).
  3. 7 and 8 weeks - 6 iu per day (the dose is also divided in half).
  4. 9 and 10 weeks - 8 iu per day.
  5. Further - 10 iu per day.

Women need to use the same regimen, only with their own dosage, which is 2 times less than that of men. Next, you need to gently cancel the drug:

  1. On the first day, reduce the dose by a quarter.
  2. On the second day, reduce the dose by another quarter.
  3. Use a reduced dose for 14-21 days, depending on the duration of the course.

The following schemes for the use of growth hormone are acceptable:

  1. Daily for 60-90 days.
  2. Within 5 weekdays with a rest on 2 days off - also within 60-90 days. The dosages are maintained and correspond to those used for daily administration.

The maximum course duration is 6 months. In this case, both schemes are suitable: the first 2 months - daily, and then - according to the 5/2 schedule.

Contraindications for use:

  • age up to 20 years (it is recommended to consult a doctor);
  • intracranial injuries;
  • neoplastic diseases or predisposition to them;
  • diabetes mellitus and decreased thyroid function (with caution and after consulting a doctor);
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Where to inject growth hormone

Growth hormone is injected into the body:

  • subcutaneous. The injections are made into the fold of skin on the abdomen. This is the most common route of administration, in which there is a high rate of drug absorption. This method is used for a fat burning course.
  • intramuscular. It is injected into the thigh, triceps, or deltoid muscle. With this method, the most pronounced effect of muscle growth is noted.

When is it better to put growth hormone

The main rule in the course of growth hormone is that injections should be done on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that after eating, insulin begins to be produced in the body - an antagonist, that is, a substance with the opposite effect. Insulin will interfere with production.

Based on these conditions, the specialists determined at what time to inject growth hormone:

  • in the morning before breakfast - the best option, especially for drying and muscle gain. It is recommended to give an injection half an hour or an hour before breakfast.

This is due to the fact that insulin has not yet begun to be produced before a meal, and its own somatotropin is still being synthesized. In addition, testosterone concentration is highest in the morning, and growth hormone can enhance its anabolic effect. Also at this time, growth hormone will help suppress catabolism.

Eating in the morning is equally important for gaining muscle mass, because during fasting, the level of the stress hormone (cortisol) is at its peak, and it breaks down the protein in the muscles. Because of this, they especially need amino acids in the morning. Therefore, half an hour or an hour after the injection, you should immediately have breakfast.

In the morning

For more effective fat burning after injection and breakfast, strength or cardio training is recommended. But it should be borne in mind that due to the lack of food, the body will take energy from the muscles, so it is better to "nourish" them at least with the help of a protein shake, gainer or bcaa.

  • after training - subsequent injections are given immediately after the end of training.

The second injection is given before lunch. It is good if 1-2 hours after breakfast there was a workout with tangible physical exertion. Protein or protein foods can be taken about 30 minutes after injection.

  • before going to bed.

An injection before bedtime is done only with a course for drying, that is, for burning fat. In this case, the injected somatotropin reacts with the somatotropin produced in the body. When trying to gain muscle mass, it is better not to put growth hormone at night, but to limit yourself to an injection in the morning and after training.

How to put growth hormone

Injections into the abdomen should be done in different places to avoid uneven resorption of adipose tissue at the injection site. Most often, the zone in the navel area is chosen as the least sensitive. The best option is 8-9 cm in diameter around the navel.

What is needed for the injection:

  • A separate syringe (insulin can be used) for mixing powder and solvent.
  • 1 ml insulin syringe (100 IU - International unit, ie IU - international units) with a long needle. With such a volume, it will be easier to calculate the required dosage.
  • Sterile water for injection or saline - available from your pharmacy. The injection will require 1-2 ml.
  • Medical alcohol and cotton wool for disinfecting the injection site.
  • Growth hormone preparation itself: One bottle usually contains 10 IU.

In many kits of the growth hormone preparation, the manufacturer already includes everything you need: powder, water for solution, syringes and alcohol wipes. Insulin syringes are more convenient because they have an integrated needle. It is thinner and sharper, and therefore the injection is practically not felt and after the injection there are no scars and hematomas on the skin. They also have a smoother piston stroke and completely squeeze out fluid.

Instructions on how to inject growth hormone:

  1. Draw in a syringe (do not forget - a separate one) 1-2 ml (optimally - take 1 ml of water for 1 ampoule) of water from the bottle, then carefully insert it into the ampoule with growth hormone so that the water flows down the wall, and not got directly onto the powder. Do not shake or shake the bottle, as this may affect the activity of the drug. Slight swaying will be enough.
  2. Draw the required dose of the drug into another syringe. When dialing, make sure that there are no air bubbles.
  3. Treat the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol, or a napkin, if it is included with the drug.
  4. Fold the skin on the abdomen with your thumb and forefinger.
  5. With the other hand, insert the needle almost completely into the skin fold at an angle of 45 °, and then pull it back a little about 3-5 mm. If blood starts flowing, it means that it has entered the capillary, i.e., it has touched a muscle, and the place needs to be changed. When it enters the fat fold, there should be practically no blood.
  6. Holding the fold, slowly slowly introduce the drug (it should enter the body slowly).
  7. Wait 10 seconds to prevent the solution from flowing out and carefully remove the needle.


You need to dilute the solution directly on the day of use. When only a part of the solution is introduced, the remaining amount must be sent for storage in the refrigerator on the upper shelf or compartment on the wall (stored for no more than 72 hours). When storing the solution for more than 24 hours, it is worth using bactericidal water for dilution.

In addition to injections of growth hormone, thyroxin is recommended. This medication is necessary to support the thyroid gland because growth hormone interferes with thyroid function. Taking Thyroxin will increase the safety of growth hormone, as well as increase fat burning.