How to drying and brag about your press?

How to drying and brag about your press?

All the cold season, you regularly visited the gym, tried to eat right and did not forget about stretching and the gym? Well, the time will soon come when it will be possible to reveal to the world the result of efforts and show your beauty. Closer to summer, many want to dry out - quickly get rid of excess volumes in order to beautifully draw muscles and look as impressive as possible. How to properly enter the drying mode, so that it does not become mad and does not harm health, read in our material.

Let's put all the points right away: what is commonly called drying is not a type of express diet, but a rather tough way to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat, which bodybuilders usually use before competitions.

Why do I need drying

Drying in the classical sense is a term in bodybuilding used in the pre-competition period. During the drying period, athletes rebuild the training process and diet to obtain the best result. Namely: to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat without losing muscle mass. According to the results of drying, the muscles look relief and outlined: cubes protrude on the stomach, and muscles are drawn on the arms and hips.

Of course, this process can be applied not only to athletes, but also to an ordinary person who regularly engages in physical activity. To do this, you need not only to train, but also to monitor nutrition: observe a calorie deficit by distributing proteins, fats and carbohydrates in certain proportions, and maintain water balance.

How to drying: nutrition principles

How to drying: nutrition principles

Drying, as already mentioned, is not an express diet, but the most accurate nutrition. Why is calorie quality so important? Because the body will receive them in short supply. The transition to this type of food should be done gradually and without fanaticism. There are no robots among us that can reprogram themselves from “I like sweets, cakes and drink a glass of wine on Saturdays with friends” to “I like cottage cheese, vegetables and a lot of clean water after Saturday's training.” Rigid illiterate diets with the promise of quick results, alas, do not guarantee good health, lack of health problems and a beautiful body. Remember: if you fit into the dress two sizes smaller, this does not mean at all that in the swimsuit you will be pleased with the achieved result.

The good news is, as a rule, not low body weight and painful thinness. But primarily muscle tissue of good quality and the absence of excess fat. Success in achieving such a result is 90% dependent on your nutrition! Let's expand on the points all the requirements for a new diet.

Create a calorie deficit, only then fat will start to go to minus

How to calculate calorie deficiency? The easiest solution is to reduce the usual servings or to connect additional physical activity, thereby increasing calorie consumption.

If possible, then do a bio-impedance analysis - it will show the ratio of fat, muscle, mineral and water-salt mass in your body. He will calculate the exact number of calories that your body must receive per day in order to function properly. Knowing this number, you can easily determine a healthy calorie deficit. To comply with the regime, you only need a calorie calculator that can be installed on your phone and a little willpower.

How to drying: nutrition principles

Do not exclude vital carbohydrates and fats from your diet

It is primarily about complex carbohydrates (whole grains and vegetables) and regular animal fats (dairy products, meat, poultry and fish). Very often in my practice there are people who, when switching to drying, rush in search of 0% fat content in dairy products, avoid meat and are afraid to eat cereals, even in the form of cereal for breakfast. This is a key mistake!

The work of the body's immune and hormonal systems, the condition of the connective tissue (skin / hair / nails / intervertebral discs / cartilage and ligaments), and, of course, muscle tissue is extremely sensitive to a deficiency of such nutrients directly depends on these nutrients. Having excluded these components from the diet, expect health problems, and, of course, there is no question of beauty (it is difficult to be beautiful when hair falls out, nails crumble, skin is in a terrible state and a person is constantly sick with something).

What about junkfood?

Junkfood, fast food, convenience foods, sodas ... These foods have absolutely no health benefits! But they have a high nutritional density. That is, eating a small portion, you get a huge amount of calories. For example, curd cheese weighing 40 g - plus 250! And this, for a moment, is a full afternoon snack or in the sports equivalent of 30 minutes of good training activity. In addition, the nutrients that create these calories cannot be used for the full functioning of the body's cells. And if you don’t burn them, for example in the gym, they go straight to the adipose tissue. Optimize your menu by throwing “food trash” out of it.

Alcohol is also metabolized by the same principle. Know that all the calories from a glass of wine you drink go straight to adipose tissue. Conclusion: just give it up. It makes no sense to dry all week, and then relax with a glass of wine - again you have to start all over again. It is easier to say which of the drinks to leave on the menu:

  • drinking and / or mineral water;
  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • fruit drinks and compotes without sugar and other carbohydrate additives.

Have you remembered the purchased juices in bags, sweet soda, milk and coffee shakes? Forced to upset you: their use and drying are incompatible.

Allow yourself fast carbohydrates

Choose proteins with a normal percentage of fat and complex carbohydrates (cereals and vegetables)

Choose cottage cheese of at least 5% fat and do not be afraid to include some high-quality butter in breakfast or eat lean beef as the main dish. Such products allow you to reduce the level of fat mass, while maintaining hormones at the proper level and providing good immunity. As well as a supply of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), which will significantly improve the quality of your muscles.

The so-called slow carbohydrates (whole grains) must be on your menu. By removing them from the diet, you lose vitamins and minerals. They are extremely important for muscle tissue and the whole organism. On the other hand, even a small portion of whole grains can give a long-lasting feeling of fullness. It will allow you to keep your appetite under control. Well, the high magnesium content in whole grains (leaders - bran, buckwheat, oats, rice, rye, durum wheat) reduces the craving for fast carbohydrates, such as sweets, chocolate and pastries.

Allow yourself fast carbohydrates

Just choose from them options with a low glycemic index: blueberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, plums, grapefruit or pomelo. Eat them for breakfast or at those meals that precede physical activity. And watch out for the volume of servings - they should be small.

Add fiber everywhere

Enrich your fiber with every fiber you eat. Make it a rule to eat 1-2 vegetables or a portion of fresh greens each meal. The advantages here are enormous: obtaining vitamins / minerals, normalizing digestion and assimilation of all nutrients.

How to train on drying

The main rule for everyone who decided to dry out: strict discipline without a single pass of training. In other words, you need to play sports every day! Another question: how to train on drying? There are two options that can and should be alternated.

Aerobic training

In other words, cardio training. It is they that allow you to “get shocked” and spend as many calories as possible. Jogging, active swimming, cycling, jumping rope, active dancing or just brisk walking ... Choose which of these "grease ovens" you like, and mix aerobic training with anaerobic for the best result.

Training program for muscle drying

Training program for muscle drying

The process of burning fat requires oxygen, which means that aerobics should be included in your training program. Now, at least four times a week, you must perform a 30-minute aerobic exercise, the best of which, of course, will be running.

More time can be devoted to aerobics, but this will increase the likelihood of losing muscle tissue along with fat. Such losses are due to the fact that during prolonged aerobic exercise, the level of cartisol rises. This is such an adrenal hormone that triggers catabolic reactions in the muscles, in other words, destroys them.

Therefore, a duration of aerobic exercise of 30 minutes will be most optimal from the point of view of preserving muscle mass. But in order for such loads to be truly effective, you should not use absolutely any carbohydrates before training! Carbohydrates contribute to the release of insulin, which, in turn, helps to suppress fat burning processes.

A great time to perform aerobic exercise will be in the morning on an empty stomach. In the morning, glycogen stores in the body are very small and he will be forced to turn to fat deposits in search of energy and burn them as fuel.

After aerobic training, weights should be carried out, I use only basic exercises. However, this training should not be difficult, use weights less than your workers. The goal of such a training is not to build muscle, but to maintain it at the same level.