Four factors inhibiting weight gain

Four factors inhibiting weight gain

Why are your efforts to gain weight back to zero?

Want to make a difference?

You will be able to start a program of rapid muscle gain using four powerful tips.

Many athletes who dream of an ideal body visit the gym every day, and they devote every free minute to their goal. Of course, all sorts of recommendations from bodybuilding magazines and sports nutritional supplements are used. And there are still no amazing results, and no.

No matter how much you eat, no matter how much you exercise, you can't build muscle mass. Many immediately begin to sin on heredity. It seems that you are pulling the iron only to sweat, and not at all to flex your muscles.

So what's the deal?

To get big and strong, you just need to follow four simple guidelines. Tips not only work, they significantly boost progress.

Reason one - you are obsessed with abs cubes

To become strong and large, the body needs to be fed enough. It is impossible to build ten to fifteen kilos of muscle mass and remain with your embossed abs. Poor nutrition significantly slows down muscle growth.

Nobody talks about becoming fat. However, it is a rule of bodybuilding to gain weight between seasons. Such a regime is needed for real progress.

Basis two - you avoid deadlifts and squats

To become as strong and powerful as the leading athletes of the planet, you need to do deadlifts and squats. Leg presses, leg extensions, and other efforts will not help you gain strong legs. Squats are necessary for muscles to grow. The same applies to the most powerful barbell exercise - power pull. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and using the deadlift, it's time to switch to a really heavy barbell.

Reason three - the athlete trains like on steroids

Reason three - the athlete trains like on steroids

Leading bodybuilders take steroids not only to build muscle, but also to help the body recover from exhausting workouts. An additional plus for athletes, of course, is the increased volume of loads. A series of intense contractions allows them to activate receptors and promote rapid muscle growth.

For those who do not take steroids, split training for five to six days will not work. Without taking special drugs, receptors remain normal, and muscle mass does not move.

The leading trainers of our time advise to train no more than three or four times a week, but at the same time try to reach complete physical exhaustion in the time allotted for training.

Reason four - no attitude to progress

Constant movement forward, that is, a relentless gradual increase in working weight, is a guarantee of the development of strength indicators. This is the fuel that will fuel the growth of muscle mass. Even the most mediocre training program will have a positive effect if the weight of the bar begins to grow steadily.

How to make progress? At each training session, you need to strive to increase the number of repetitions. When the repetition threshold reaches the maximum limit, it is necessary to increase the weight. For example, if you are doing a bench press, taking a weight of ninety pounds and doing five to ten reps per set, you should add the weight when you start doing all ten reps.

All modern trainers, whose wards have achieved amazing results, apply the rule of increasing working weight. They do not forget about the mandatory increase in repetitions in each set. Do you know how you can suspend the build-up of strength indicators and muscle gain for a long time? You just have to tinker with the same weight for several weeks.

Even if, giving interviews, famous bodybuilders say that they do not work with excessive weight, they, as a rule, are dissembling. Heavy weight is a very flexible concept. The fact that for an athlete of an average arm there is a huge weight, for a muscular giant is a familiar value. Perhaps he does not squat 5 times today with a weight of 200 kilos, choosing the easy way - 12 times with a weight of 175 kilos.

Remember, until you start working with a lot of weight, you will not become stronger, more powerful, stronger.