Dianabol: for newbie and professional

Dianabol: for newbie and professional

Many newcomers to sports are wondering how much steroids they will need after starting training.

As you know, in Canada the use of anabolic steroids in exercise machines is a very common phenomenon.

Bodybuilders and athletes of other sports, many trainers constantly take steroids and advise novice champions to follow their example. What is the reason for this? Everything is very simple.

The use of correctly selected drugs brings quick visible results of classes and helps the body cope with physical stress. If a person is aiming for lunch in competitions, then steroids can not be dispensed with at all.

Most often, we can advice to buy and use Dianabol Canada for beginners. This drug is the “foundation of the basics" in the steroid world. Almost all the outstanding athletes of the world began with it.

What is Dianabol?

So what is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a classic steroid drug for a wide range of purposes. The active substance is methandrostenolone. Used in sports practice since the middle of the last century. It allows you to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength abilities. On sale you can find both an injectable form and tablets. It is very popular among athletes and amateurs. It has a powerful anabolic effect with a low androgenic index. The drug was created on the basis of testosterone by modifying the substance.

Dianabol is fit in only for men, gives a quick and strong effect of muscle growth and strengthening the skeletal system.

Methane is an anabolic in tablet form, it suppresses catabolic processes in the body, leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass, and also affects the formation of a positive nitrogen balance.

In addition, Danabol triggers a moderate breakdown of fat.

The steroid profile of the drug is unique in its positive characteristics:

  • Anabolic activity - 200%
  • Androgenic activity - 50%
  • Aromatization - low
  • Method of administration - orally
  • Action in the body - from 6 to 8 hours
  • The result - after 1.5-2.5 months.

Powerful anabolic and weak androgenic effects make Danabol one of the favorite steroids among bodybuilders and experienced athletes. With its help, significant results are achieved during mass gain and increase in strength.

There are two forms of the drug - oral and injection. However, the latter is practically not used due to the high cost and poor efficiency.

Interesting fact: Danabol has been used since the last century. They were assigned to both beginners visiting the gym, as well as professional bodybuilders.

Dianabol Effects

Dianabol effects

Danabol has a very powerful anabolic and androgenic effect, all this affects the rapid increase in muscle mass and the growth of strength indicators. Of the positive qualities of danabol, the following can be distinguished:

  • Allows athletes to gain a significant amount of muscle up to 10 kg in a short period of time.
  • Accelerates the processes of protein synthesis. After taking the drug, protein is converted into muscle fibers. Due to this, you restore your body after exhausting workouts.
  • Increases appetite. In the process of physical exertion, the athlete loses a large amount of strength and energy, as well as calories. You need a good appetite to replenish nutrients.
  • Strengthens bone tissue, positively affects the functioning of joints, makes elastic ligaments.
  • Increases power and speed indicators.
  • Increases endurance, allowing you to increase training time, the number of approaches.
  • Slows down the destruction of muscle tissue, allowing you to quickly recover.
  • Beneficial effect on the psychological state of the athlete.

We can say for sure that dianabol is a drug for gaining muscle mass in a short time. Dianabol will give you an increase in weight from 8 to 12 kg with the right workouts and regimen, your strengths will increase by an average of 20%, just do not forget that soon some part of the mass will leave as danabol retains water in the body after graduation the course will go away and with it your mass.

Methane has the property of aromatization. The conversion of a substance to estrogen increases strength, but at the same time, with large dosages of the drug, the estrogenic effect may cause side effects.

How to take Dianabol?

When and how to take Dianabol?

Many, enrolling in the gym, immediately run for anabolics, but this is wrong. The same Dianabol you should buy only after at least 2-3 weeks of exercises. Physiological processes in the body should start on their own.

A very important factor: you should start taking steroids with small doses, gradually increasing them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to lower the dosage back, and the result will be associated with unpleasant side effects from a sharp invasion of chemical elements into the body's natural metabolism. Also, it is necessary to draw up an accurate schedule before starting. The effect directly depends on the time mode.

All these points any coach will say to you, but do not forget about the visits to the doctor. The presence of some chronic diseases and individual characteristics of metabolism affect the choice of a steroid and the selection of a solo course of its administration.

Dosage and courses

Before use, beginners should consult with a sports doctor and choose the optimal dosage. You need to start taking Danabol with a minimum amount of 5-10 mg per day. In the absence of side effects, professionals can increase the dosage to 30 mg per day.

Beginners should focus on the initial dosage. To achieve maximum results, you need to divide the dosage into 2-3 doses. Thanks to this regimen you can maintain a constant balance of hormones in the body and increase your results. Duration of use no more than 2 months.

To avoid a large load on the liver, you should take the drug after a meal with a sufficient amount of liquid (water). You can perfectly combine this drug with other steroid drugs. The ideal combination is Danabol + Sustanon or Danabol + Nandrolone.

During the course, there is a chance of fluid accumulation in the tissues. To prevent this side effect, Stanozolol should be included in the course.

Women need to approach the use of this drug with extreme caution due to the possible occurrence of side effects. Experts do not recommend exceeding a dosage of more than 5 mg per day.

Dianabol side effects

Who can use Dianabol?

The effect of danabol on the body lies in its effect on muscle cells. In simple words, a steroid stimulates muscle growth and has a positive effect on the entire body. The drug is used in various sports bodybuilding, strength sports, athletics, extreme. Many famous bodybuilders have achieved world heights with the help of this type of anabolic (Tyson Gay, Ben Johnson, Thiago Silva).

Taking danabol does not always give a positive effect due to an incorrectly calculated dosage or regimen, and the steroid also has contraindications. To succeed without harm to health, consult a specialist (doctor, trainer, bodybuilder with experience).

Health is the main indicator of achieving the goal, so it is important to exclude all possible negative consequences.

Contraindications for use include a number of groups of people whom we do not recommend to use Dianabol:

  • Adolescents under 18 years old, in some cases up to 21 years old;
  • People of advanced age;
  • If there are chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Oncological tissue changes;
  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • Low immunity;

The consequences of illiterate intake can lead to a number of hormonal disorders, such as manifestations of gynecomastia, swelling, baldness, virilization. Methane can be used to build muscle, as well as during weight loss because it has universal properties. It is important to include Clomid or Tamoxifen aromatase inhibitors in the course to prevent side effects. We administer Danabol from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the goal and experience of the athlete. Only a balanced approach can guarantee an effect like in Schwarzenegger or Tyson.

Dianabol for sale

Myths about Methane

Rumors about danabol and other steroids have been circulating in the information space for more than one year. Many people believe that taking anabolic substances can lead to a number of hormonal disorders and even death. The pharmacological market does not stand still, every year new manufacturers are born. Hence the fierce competition and a large amount of negative information. The main myths are the following statements:

  • If it does not stop in time, then a fatal outcome is inevitable - the most monstrous myth about danabol and other steroids that you just had to hear. Of course, completely safe means do not exist, but for this there are instructions and rules for admission. There is verified information, statistics that confirm that during the existence of the drug, there have been no fatal cases.
  • Impotence - many are afraid of magic pills based on reviews and other information. Some individuals claim that steroid substances cause impotence and infertility. This is nonsense and any qualified doctor will tell you about it. Of course, after a course in the absence of therapy to restore the background, temporary disturbances may occur.
  • A steroid turns a woman into a man. Yes, this is a fact. Many great athletes have difficulties not only with appearance, but also with voice. Of course, anabolics give this effect if you take them on an ongoing basis. Such girls are fans of steroid therapy and therefore do not follow the hormonal background.

To exclude negative consequences, consider the advice of a specialist, follow the instructions and follow the diet and day.