Popular myths about bodybuilding

Popular myths about bodybuilding

In this article, we will tell you popular myths and stereotypes regarding fitness and iron sports, bodybuilding. There are so many people who still believe them.

Perhaps after reading, you will change your attitude towards bodybuilding. And instead of sitting at home watching TV with a can of beer, you finally go to work out in the gym. You will make your body strong, relief, beautiful and enduring.

When a person cannot achieve something, achieve a set goal, come to a certain result, progress, then the dirt of the human essence begins to emerge. This essence is hidden under the guise of a decent person. Bodybuilding is no exception, there is something to strive for, something to progress, and only not many are able to achieve success in it. Only selfless people, even if to some extent fanatical people, achieve success. The other main mass of people begins to throw mud at this time, discredit this not easy, hard work.

The above fact of the human psyche owes all the invented myths, stupid stereotypes that have formed today in bodybuilding. In this article, we will break all this "heresy" that has become firmly ingrained in the human brain for several decades.

Popular myths in bodybuilding and fitness

Popular myths in bodybuilding and fitness

The most common misconceptions in society that affect individually, every bodybuilder. Almost every bodybuilder has heard at least one of the myths listed below.

Bodybuilders have useless and unnecessary muscles

Many people think of bodybuilders as a pile of large muscles, which, in principle, are not needed, there is no benefit from them, some problems, you constantly have to eat so as not to "blow away", how to lift something, so I can not overexert myself, to the dachas so in general from the muscles to zero sense. These phrases can be heard from typical hard workers. Hard workers who are accustomed to working all their lives in factories, summer cottages, and so on, who have never been to the gym. Who have no idea what training, diet, recovery, overtraining are. In other words, they live according to the principle of work-home, vacation. Of course, it makes no sense to overpersuade in anything if a person thinks about life in this way. But still, we will give several arguments.

An athletic person will always be higher than the main, non-athletic human mass. He automatically becomes attractive. Girls crave attention, guys for advice on how to quickly pump up. This is how nature works, who is stronger and right.

Bodybuilders eat as often as possible. Because it is the key to healthy digestion, proper nutrition, and finally muscle growth. Athletes are not overstrained at work, or at the same dacha. Not because they are weak, not hardy, but because they save their strength in order to fully devote themselves to training. To give 200% of the work approach, but people far from sports will never understand this.

Bodybuilders have useless and unnecessary muscles

All bodybuilders is not agile, clumsy

Indeed, exercises with weights enslave the muscles, make them stiff. But who's stopping you from stretching after a workout?

The bulk of those employed in the gym forget to be lazy to do stretching exercises. From this, the muscles become stiff, become less elastic. As a result, athletes have an additional barrier to the growth of strength and muscle mass.

After all, the more a muscle can stretch, the more it will contract. This means there will be more potential for the growth of strength indicators, and of course the muscles.

Therefore, this is all individually, for example, the famous boxer Mike Tyson. With all its impressive weight, muscle mass, it had not only a crushing blow, but also lightning speed and reaction. Also, quite a lot of athletic athletes and at the same time fast, perform in fights without rules.

Non-natural muscle, artificial (inflated)

A myth from the category, "and you yourself pumped it all up, is it yours?" Such nonsense can be heard often, especially from the female sex. The amino acids that make up proteins are needed as building blocks for muscle growth. There will be no protein in the right amount, and there will be no muscles. Thus, muscles are made up of proteins, which, in turn, are made up of amino acids.

In order for the muscles to become hypertrophied, that is, increased in size, it is necessary to constantly injure them (break the muscle fiber, receive microtraumas). And then they need to be restored with the help of adequate sleep, rest, and balanced nutrition.

This is how the athlete hardens himself, his body, with small steps, and as a reward he receives a muscular and strong figure. You can pump up without using anabolic steroids. However, here it is necessary to make a digression, which still needs to be repeated. Because in our time people do not want to understand, they take someone else's opinion for the truth.

All bodybuilders is not agile, clumsy

What about steroids?

Anabolic steroids are not magic pills for muscle growth and strength. On them, you will not progress in bodybuilding. If you could not do without them, forget about them altogether, if you think so. Because the use of potent drugs is thoughtless, it can cause irreparable harm to your health.

Understand one thing, everyone can build muscle mass. If he plows every day, both physically (in the gym) and intellectually. Nothing is given just like that, and say phrases like "are these your muscles?", "Have you pumped up yourself?" not only very stupid, but also insulting.

Of course, there are really just puffed up muscles, in the truest sense of the word, with the help of synthol oil. However, this is no longer a sport, this is an ugliness, the so-called freak muscles.

Bodybuilding makes people dumb

Ask yourself who bodybuilders are, why do they look like Spartans. Why their willpower is a thousand times stronger than that of ordinary people who have no idea what muscle pain is. Why they know better about nutrition than any formulaic nutritionist. Do they know more about pharmaceuticals than any pharmacist? Why did they succeed in their favorite business, while others did not. For this reason alone, one cannot be called a fool.

There are fools among the common non-bodybuilding people. Also in bodybuilding, and nothing more than in other areas. It is much more common to meet diversified, intelligent people in the gym than in ordinary society. And all because people strive for perfection in body and spirit.

Bodybuilders are dumb

Bodybuilders are impotent

First, accept the fact that exercising in the gym increases your own testosterone (the male sex hormone). Protein and other high protein blends improve sperm quality. Even athletes who use anabolic steroids, on the contrary, can boast of a sex life during a steroid course, due to a strong erection.

Of course, most often it is the last fact in society that is heatedly discussed. Bodybuilders with huge muscles are not fertile, impotent. To some extent, this is true. Sperm motility slows down when taking anabolic steroids. This means that the chance of a girl getting pregnant is reduced to zero.

Impotence can develop only with uncontrolled use of steroids, for a long time, and in high doses. When your own testosterone stops being produced. But again, even in this case, the ability to reproduce is restored after drug withdrawal. As well as the use of drugs that would stimulate the production of sex hormones in the testicles.

We draw your attention to the fact that only with uncontrolled intake of AAS is it possible to develop impotence. The same can be said about any other medicinal, especially hormonal drug. Such drugs can also cause irreparable harm to health if used improperly. Do not take this information as a defense of steroids. Take it as an objective assessment of the reality of taking anabolic steroids.

It can also be noted that the use of alcoholic beverages can become not only impotent, but also effeminate. Scientists have long proven this by reducing the level of testosterone production in the body and increasing estrogen. But for some reason, this is not advertised, although everyone understands perfectly well, you should draw conclusions yourself.

Are bodybuilder beautiful outside, rotten inside?

In old age, all muscles will sag

Muscles, by nature, cannot sag. They are not fat, they can either increase or decrease in size.

Of course, in old age the muscles will become smaller in volume, not so pronounced. Because, our body is not profitable, and there is no need to wear piles of muscles on ourselves, if we do not use them, we do not load properly.

Nowadays, young guys and girls at the age of 20-25 already walk with beer, saggy fat bellies and buttocks. Moreover, with a cigarette in his mouth, so what is the conversation about?

Beautiful outside, rotten inside

Indeed, it happens that the outside bodybuilder looks great, athletic, with big muscles. And their liver, kidneys, heart or some other internal organ is sick.

Firstly, his disease could be transmitted to him genetically from his parents, just like ordinary people who do not understand anything about bodybuilding. Secondly, the use of anabolic steroids in large, uncontrolled dosages could have affected. But this again is all individual. If a person has a head on his shoulders, then he will always approach the steroid course wisely. And he will donate blood biochemistry, hormone tests.

In addition, it does not mean at all that any athletic athlete uses steroids, and his internal organs are sick. The above example is from the category of extremes that exist not only in bodybuilding, but also in any other strength sports (often athletes, swimmers and skiers do not mind using steroids). It's just that bodybuilders have such a sport that makes them very noticeable due to their large muscle volumes.

Women bodybuilding

If I go to the gym I'll be like a man

Many girls are still sure that if they start lifting weights (dumbbells, barbells) and training on simulators, they will soon become like men, with pumped up muscles - this is not so!

In order for girls to start growing muscles intensively from weight training in the gym, it is additionally necessary to use pharmacological drugs, steroids, that is, hormones based on male testosterone. In any other case, you at least practice, your muscles will not look like men. The maximum that can be achieved is their tone, drawing, and of course the bulge of the hips (buttocks).


I could not tell you all this. Everyone has their own point of view on the events taking place around him and on the world around him. However, your opinion on bodybuilding affects the vanity of an athlete who cannot look at all this madness.