All you should know about Anavar

All you should know about Anavar

I welcome you to the blog, where we tell you about anabolic steroids. Where we will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Now we will talk about one of the most popular steroids, namely Anavar. So you can purchase Anavar in Canada at our store with delivery in all provinces.

A little bit information about Anavar

Anavar refers to artificial steroids with high anabolic (400% of natural testosterone) and slight androgenic (25% of male sex hormones) indexation. The process of aromatization (conversion to estrodiol) is not inherent in it. It has a mild toxic effect on the liver. Due to its anabolic coefficient, it is one of the safest doping products for women, which, as a rule, is not typical for the steroid group.

This drug is characterized by minimal androgenic and moderate anabolic activity. In other words, taking the drug in strict accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, an athlete can achieve their goals in a short time.

The bulk of the athletes, choosing Anavar, strives not only to accelerate muscle growth, but also to improve muscle relief. Moreover, the drug also help to increase stamina and physical activity. The active components of the drug also contribute to the burning of body fat.

Specialists advise taking the drug to those athletes who already have a certain experience in taking steroids. In this case, the recruited muscles will acquire relief, and the effect of getting rid of fat cells will be noticeable.

All you should know about Anavar

Anavar benefits

Anavar does not aromatize and can increase muscle stiffness and quality. Another advantage of Anavar is that it stimulates the synthesis of creatinine phosphate like no other steroid and, thus, gives a good increase in endurance.

With Anavar, you can qualitatively maintain your level of endurance, which is very important for maintaining muscle mass. Some bodybuilders combine this effect from Anavar with other steroids.

Anavar is extremely popular steroid among women. Novice athletes usually use oxandrolone in the training process, the expected effect of it is not too great, but for starters this is what you need. More advanced athletes choose testosterone, decananol or enanthate esters to replace it. These drugs provide the best cost-benefit ratio, are suitable for long-term use, and not so destroy the liver.

The positive side of oxandrolone is that it has a minimal effect on the synthesis of testosterone in the body at moderate doses of 10-30 mg per day. Only at higher doses does the inhibition of hormone production noticeably slow.

Anavar benefits

Using Anavar gives the following results:

  • Quick fat utilization.
  • Elasticity and muscle relief.
  • Strengthening the skeletal system.
  • Improving the work of organs and systems.
  • Fast metabolism.
  • Saturation of the body with forces.
  • Increased Stamina.
  • Positive effect on speed.
  • Impact on the production of growth hormone.
  • Mood improvement.

This drug rightfully belongs to the group of the safest drugs with a similar effect. The optimal ratio of effectiveness and safety allows us to recommend this steroid as one of the leading sports pharmacology on the market.

We do not recommend taking Anavar in order to increase muscle mass. First of all, the drug is recommended for athletes with already formed muscles in order to gain the necessary relief by it. To increase efficiency, experts recommend a diet that promotes muscle gain. It is necessary to monitor the calorie content of food, the restriction of fats and fast carbohydrates, the observance of the drinking regime.

Anavar side effects

Generaly, we can consider that anavar is safe drug, but in some cases, the development of some negative consequences is possible:

  • the appearance of headaches;
  • development of the risk of hypertension;
  • decrease in testosterone production;
  • low sexual activity;
  • negative effect on the liver (slightly pronounced effect).

Side effects of Anavar

Sometimes taking anavar can cause a decrease in appetite, the appearance of nausea and abdominal pain. Such side effects occur rarely enough, and mainly indicates an uncontrolled intake. Positive results can only be achieved if all the rules for taking the drug are observed, and the dosage is strictly observed.

Among the advantages of anavar should be highlighted the fact that specialists was approve Anavar for women. However, women athletes should take a lower dosage than with a similar intake by male athletes. This is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of symptoms of virilization of the body.

Anavar may also interfere with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, the problem with the digestive tract you can easily solve by taking the drug with food. As for the effect on the liver, here it is minimal if the drug is administered at 20 mg. per day. Steroid manufacturers claim a few months of taking 20 mg. oxandrolone daily does not adversely affect liver function. Possible changes in the liver are small, and they normalize within 2-4 weeks after the end of the course.

How to apply Anavar?

In sports practice, taking Anavar can have different goals: from eliminating excess fat accumulations to increasing physical strength and endurance. It is allowed to accept both experienced athletes and beginners. The drug can be freely taken by athletes with different levels of training, given its safety and effectiveness.

How to apply Anavar?

Anavar dosage

The course of taking the drug solo for the formation of muscle relief is 6-8 weeks. You must divide the initial dose, 20 mg / day  two doses: morning hours and afternoon. After a week, the dose increases to 40 mg per day, divided into three doses. The maximum dosage should not exceed 80 mg.

If there are no side effects, you may continue the course of taking the drug for 5-6 weeks. In any case, before you start taking the drug, You must consult with your doctor to identify possible contraindications. They may be some liver pathologies, an enlarged prostate, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease. We dont recommend you to self-administration of a dose or its adjustment.

Dosage for women is allowed in the amount of 10-20 mg per day. The course of administration is 6-8 weeks. With such small doses, the risk of side effects is unlikely. After a while, it can be increased, while monitoring the reaction of the body to prevent the onset of symptoms of virilization and other negative consequences. Of course, you shouldn`t take Anavar during pregnancy and lactation.

After 7 days of admission, it is necessary to double the dose of admission, and gradually increase the intake. But, do not forget that the maximum dose of the drug is 80 mg per day.

On average, the course of taking Oxandrolone can last up to 6 weeks, while the dosage is recommended to be gradually reduced. In the last week, it is advisable to reduce the dose to 0.

Upon completion of the reception, it is worth taking care of restoring the level of natural testosterone production. To achieve the greatest effect, the manufacturer also recommends adhering to sports nutrition and taking dietary supplements.

Anavar dosage

Combinations with other drugs

You should know that most steroids give a positive result in combination with other similar drugs. This rule applies to the possibility of combined use of this steroid with other similar drugs. This combination prevents side effects and increases its effectiveness.

You can take Anavar together with other stroids like Sustanon, Primobolan. You should know that with a combined dose, the dosage of oxandrolone should not be higher than 40 mg per day. The combination with the above drugs allows you to build muscle. Also you can combine Anavar and Winstrol fot faster fat burning.

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