4 ways to add more workout to your life

4 ways to add more workout to your life

Strength training with overcoming its own weight is good because it allows everyone to become stronger without equipment, exercise equipment and gyms. You don't need to go somewhere, pay for something or stand in line. You can always work on your muscles, try to get stronger, even without a gym membership and without the appropriate equipment. Just need to use your body and everything that surrounds you.

More and more people are addicted to calisthenics (training with overcoming body weight) and not only because it is convenient. The popularity of the technique lies primarily in its functionality. We all have a body that we must use to walk our path in life. The better you control your body, the more successful your life will be.

Moreover, most people find that the strength you gain by overcoming your own weight is more beneficial than that gained from other types of strength training. It helps move towards new disciplines.

To back this up, here are four simple, effective ways to incorporate weight-lifting exercises into your daily workout without going to the gym. All four exercises can be done for a few minutes a day when there is time. You don't even need to change for this!

Storm the horizontal bars

In recent years, due to the popularity of the street workout movement, which also belongs to the calisthenics style, more and more outdoor sports fields have appeared around the world. In many cities, there are fitness parks for adults where you can train for free, and this provides enough opportunities for sports. Some parks are better equipped, some are worse, but almost always in a more or less large town you can find a reliable crossbar for pull-ups, and if not, a good old playground, where there is definitely a horizontal bar or parallel bars, will also do.

Performing all sorts of variations on the topic of pull-ups in conjunction with lifting the legs in the hang, you can significantly improve the physique. I have preached the religion of pull-ups for many years and I will firmly say again: to build muscles in your upper body, you don't need anything but a high bar to hang from.

If you're looking for a surefire way to show your prowess in these exercises, check out my 20 pull-up chalange workout routine.

Make a boat

The boat on the back is not only one of the main gymnastic elements, but also a wonderful isometric exercise that can be done anywhere at any time. This is one of the best ways to pump up your abdominal muscles in calisthenics, as well as an excellent opportunity to feel and increase full body tension, which is very important for mastering many skills of the highest calisthenics level: from push-ups on one hand to horizontal hanging on the horizontal bar.

If you are not yet strong enough to do this, practice raising your knees at the most obtuse angle you can, without lifting your lower back off the floor.

Stand on your hands wherever possible

Sat down - got up

Classic squats are often overlooked. This exercise is much more difficult to perform than most people think, especially with strict balance and full range of motion.

I know this doesn't sound plausible, but I've met bodybuilders who find it harder to do squats without weights than squats with a barbell on their backs. Many guys find it a serious challenge to do squats without the extra weight that balances them and forces them to sink deeper into the bottom position.

If you can't do squats yourself without weights, ask for help. You can squat anywhere, day or night. It doesn't need to be hard work! Even holding the lower seated position for a short time several times a day is a great way to improve mobility and balance. This is often not enough to do the exercise correctly. And yes, you can squat great!

For more information, see the No Weight Squat Guide.

Stand on your hands wherever possible

Handstand handstands are a great way to spice up your day. It is also a great exercise for strengthening the muscles of the upper body, arms and fingers. It is also beneficial for the circulatory system if the blood flow is temporarily directed in the opposite direction. An exercise like this can clear your mind as much as an afternoon cup of coffee, and all it takes to do a handstand is the floor under your feet and common sense to do it!

How to do it?

For most people, it will be easier to do a handstand by leaning against the wall, at least at first. There are two main ways to stand up against a wall, and both require nothing but the wall itself.

The first way is to stand upright with your back to the wall. To begin with, stand facing the wall, place your hands on the floor a short distance from the wall, then pull one knee to your chest, and straighten the other leg from behind. From this position, jerk your straight leg up, and with your bent leg push off the floor to turn your body and straighten your back against the wall. In this case, you need to firmly hold on to your hands so as not to fall during the push. It may take several tries until you calculate the necessary strength to get your hips over your head.

You can also do a handstand while facing the wall, which will seem easier to many (but to some, on the contrary, it will be harder). To do this, stand in a push-up position with your back to the wall, rest your feet against the wall, then move your hands closer and closer to the wall, and move your feet up until you stand on your hands a short distance from the wall.

With enough energy and patience, you will soon be able to learn how to balance your body while standing on your hands, no longer leaning against the wall. Once you reach this level, it will be even more fun to stand on your hands wherever you want!